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Frank Beamer

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer was on the ACC conference call Wedneday, and during it he updated the health of the Hokies, and gave some insight into Saturday's game at Boston College.

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer was on the ACC conference call Wednesday. Here is what he had to say:

Yeah, typical Boston College, big, strong, extremely well coached, tough. You know, that's what I think about Boston College, and that's exactly what they are this year.

We've got a big challenge going up there and playing. But we're pleased with our effort in the last ballgame, pleased with the second half performance and hope we can build on that.

How much did Nick Becton play last week in and how close to 100% is he physically?
Yeah, Nick got in on 25 plays last week, and I think he's ready to come in there even a little bit more. So that is a good addition to our football team.

How much does he add to your offense, especially the running game when he's in there and healthy?
Well, he's very, very athletic. Hasn't got much experience, but other than that, I think that's what's going to make him a better football player. The more experience he gets, the better he's going to get.

This year seems like it's not going to be too much different than past years in terms of parity in the ACC. Why do you think there's been so much parity in this league?
Well, I see it as a league with a lot of good coaches. LotS of teams that improved throughout, I think that's kind of it right now. LotS of good players and I think everybody's got some good players. So it's a pretty even league.

In terms of the non-conference levels, any rhyme or reason why the teams have had difficulty establishing themselves non-conference wise?
We are off to a slow start, that's for sure. I think you have to judge things over a period of time. You can't base it on a weekend or two weekends or whatever. You judge on the basis over a period of time. And, you know, I think we played a lot of good teams and played a lot of good teams on the road. You know, particularly early in the year I think that's a factor. But I mean that's the way it is.

But I think the big thing is you judge over a period of time. I've always said with the coaching in the league and recruiting in this league, it's going to be fine over a period of time.

Coach, in regards to this past weekend's game, defense seemed to struggle in the first half, but then really showed up strong in the second half. What adjustments were made during halftime to allow the defense to play as well as they did in the second half?
Well, I think we did a couple things that helped us. And good things against them. But I think it takes you awhile to get used to East Carolina, too.

They're very good, it's a quick game and, you know, some of our young guys were having trouble getting lined up, and then having trouble getting going in the right direction. So I think you kind of got used to them a little bit too. So that helped in the second half.

I credit our players for really hanging in there, because things weren't really going so well. You know, we did hang in there and got better as they went along.

Wanted to get your thoughts on the performance of your young freshmen, Exum and Fuller against East Carolina?
Yeah, those guys did really well. They stepped in there for the first time and, of course, Kyle's brother, Danny played for us, and Kyle's got a lot of football sense, and Exum's got ability. He's a fairly big sized kid that can run and brings a punch with him when he hits. So we're hoping they'll continue to develop.

How are you -- are you guys doing anything different this week during practice to prepare your players for the atmosphere at Chestnut Hill?
Not really. It's an exciting stadium up there. They've got great fans and they get into it. You know, tomorrow we might go inside the field house and turn up the noise there. We haven't gotten that far yet.

What is Ryan William's status?
We're going to put that out Thursday after practice. That's when we do that in the ACC, so we'll give that on Thursday.

Well, you've got a chance. David Wilson got an opportunity to show his stuff, and obviously didn't disappoint?
No, he didn't. He's a quality back as is Darren Evans, and Tony Gregory got in there and showed some speed too. So we're fortunate to have some good tailbacks here at Virginia Tech. But Ryan Williams is a special guy, too. Recommended Stories

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