Spring Practice: Friday's Notes

Spring Practice:  Friday's Notes

The following are notes from Friday's Spring football practice held at the practice fields beside Lane Stadium as the Hokies prepare for the Spring Game on April 19th.

* Went for about 1 hr. 30+ minutes Friday afternoon beginning around 4:15.

* Overall, the team looked pretty good and were in good spirits. Worked hard through the drills and the guys played pretty competitive out there.

* The quarterbacks started out warming up their arms and getting loose and then went through the fumble drill as coaches tried to knock the ball out of their hands as they went through a drill; Hopefully this will help keep the turnovers down this year.

* Everyone wants to know about the quarterbacks, so here is my take of the day. Both are throwing very very well. Marcus Vick started out looking better in my opinion when working with the wide receivers; when the two QBs lined up with 4 wideouts vs. 7 LBs/secondary, it looked like Bryan Randall did better overall & Vick was picked off in the drills; I have a feeling I'm going to be very happy with either QB this year, though, I'll tell you that; Lance Goff also did a little bit of throwing.

* DeAngelo Hall, who is playing wide receiver the first few weeks of the spring, looked absolutely great. Runs very good routes and has great hands. Tech's secondary is good and they can't stay with DeAngelo. Look for him to start at WR if the coaches end up letting him play a good deal of offense this year

* The wide receivers have to be the most improved position as a whole judging by today's practice. Justin Hamilton looked good today and Richard Johnson made some good catches. The wide receivers as a whole looked good - which is very impressive considering we didn't see Ernest Wilford at practice today.

* Cols Colas and Kevin Lewis both were in blue jerseys today running the field.

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