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Sean Glennon

Westfield High School senior quarterback Sean Glennon is preparing to come in to Tech this fall. VTI caught up with Glennon for a Q&A session with the future Hokie signal caller.

As a senior at Westfield High School in Chantilly, Virginia, quarterback Sean Glennon led his team to a state title and was able to rack up some nice stats and some impressive scholarship offers along the way. After going for 1,850 yards, 26 touchdowns and just four interceptions during his senior campaign, it was no suprise that ACC schools such as Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech were a few of the schools offering the talented drop back passer. Early on in the recruiting process, Glennon decided to join the ranks in Blacksburg and become a Hokie. Now, he awaits summer practice, when he will officially start his career at Virginia Tech.

In the midst of the recent recruiting success at Virginia Tech, it is becoming evident that the Hokies will be back on top soon, and this is one young man who strives to be at the center of it all. In this edition of Up Close, I had a chance to talk to the talented and soft-spoken signal caller whose future is sure to be as successful as his past. As a hot prospect who recently ended recruitment, he was able to share some valuable insight on his personal experience during recruiting, and also some perspective into what is going on as he prepares to enter Virginia Tech.

VTinsider: What are you doing to prepare for summer practice? (slated to begin August 10)
Sean: I've been following the training program the coaches sent me pretty closely. I've also worked a lot with Eddie (Royal) and we have a personal trainer who works us out. He's Nate Daniels who is the brother of current Hokie safety Mike Daniels.

VTinsider: What is your main goal as you get ready to enter your career at Virginia Tech?
Sean: Well, I want to become the starter first and foremost. I want to be able to get on the field and play.

VTinsider: What have the coaches said to you about possibly being redshirted?
Sean: That's been the plan all along. Just recently I talked to Coach Rogers and he said he still wanted to redshirt me, but he doesn't know right now because of circumstances. It kind of depends on the situation with Vick. If vick's suspended there's a possibility of me being the backup, but it all depends on what happens.

VTinsider: Since it appears that might be the route you are going to take, what are your personal feelings about being redshirted?
Sean: If you look at the big picture, being redshirted would be the better thing for my developement. Give me a year in the system to learn and everything and also to distance me and Vick in terms of class. But of course, like most players I'm looking right now to wanting to play. But overall I'm sure redshirting is the best pick and I'm happy with that.

VTinsider: So tell me, are you as excited as everyone else about playing in the new ACC?
Sean: Oh yeah. That was also a big factor during my recruitment. I've always wanted to play in the ACC. That was one thing holding me back from Tech at first, but once I found out Tech and Miami were moving to the ACC that really put Tech up on high.

VTinsider: What schools are you looking forward to going up against the most? Maybe not just in conference, but any team Tech has a chance of facing in the future.
Sean: No one in particular really. Every year I think it'll be fun to play a powerhouse like this year with USC. I'm hoping we can play one team like that every year. Other than that, every team is the same and I just want to win.

VTinsider: Do you do a lot of scouting on other teams, like potential VT opponents?
Sean: I don't really have any film yet to watch or break down defenses, but me and Eddie both follow recruiting and see who is going where, not just who'll be with us at Tech but on the other teams we'll face as well.

VTinsider: Let's talk a little more recruiting. Which coach stayed on you the most during the recruiting process?
Sean: Well, I developed a close relationship with Coach Rogers, but Lorenzo Ward is the guy who came to our school and called me a lot. He's definitely the coach I'm closest to.

VTinsider: What was his approach or attitude towards you during this that maybe got you to lean towards Tech?
Sean: Coach Ward is different than most coaches in that he didn't suck up to us. He told it to us like it was. Since I committed pretty early, I didn't get as involved with him as Eddie. Him and Eddie would go at each other some times and even argue when Coach Ward would pick Eddie's playing apart. He would point out things that Eddie lacked in his game. He wouldn't lie to us or suck up to us but he told us the truth and was cut and dry to us. I thought that was pretty unique.

VTinsider: What were some of the main factors that went into you deciding on Virginia Tech above the other schools?
Sean: Basically I wanted to feel like I was at home. I felt comfortable there. A lot of places I visited were really prestigious but I didn't feel right with the coaches or at the campus. I wanted to make sure I was comfortable and at Tech, the coaches treated me like I was one of their kids and the players treated me like I was part of their family. It felt good and it was something I wanted to be a part of.

VTinsider: How do you feel about your top target from high school, Eddie Royal, also committing to Tech?
Sean: It was definitely a huge bonus. It makes coming to Tech that much easier and exciting to be able to continue at the next level. We've got a great chemistry we want to continue on the field in college.

VTinsider: Well I think I speak for all Hokie fans in saying we can't wait to see you guys keep that chemistry up on the field. I want to know though, did you talk to him any during his recruitment and try to get him to join you at Tech?
Sean: Sometimes we would have serious talks and try to lay out everything about choosing the right future, but usually I just sat down and ragged him about coming to Tech.

VTinsider: In your opinion, what other guys from Westfield or your area in general that you played with or played against are college material?
Sean: From Westfield, definitely Evan Royster as a running back. From my area, I think Pat Sheil from Centreville. I saw him a few years ago and didn't think much of him as a lineman, then all the sudden I saw him this past season and he had gotten huge. I wouldn't mind having him block for me.

VTinsider: Getting away from recruiting, if you could compare yourself to any other current NCAA player who would it be and why?
Sean: That's a tough one. I'm not sure about comparison, but definitely the person I look up to is Chris Leak. His work ethic and the way he handled himself at Florida as a true freshman was incredible. He was able to come in and have a huge impact his first year. I also liked Philip Rivers from NC State this past season a lot. I think our styles kind of complimented each other. He always was smart with his throws.

VTinsider: When Sean Glennon takes the field under center, what are his best onfield traits or attributes?
Sean: I'm a pretty good leader. I think I'm good at getting things going in the huddle. Playing wise, my best attribute would be putting the ball where it should be. I threw pretty accurate and didn't throw many picks. I think most of the time I made the right choice. It comes from knowing my limits and making good reads and then not trying to force anything. I use my head a lot when I play.

Special thanks to Sean for chatting with us in this edition of Up Close. In the next edition of VTinsider's Up Close, we talk with Sean's good friend and top target of choice from Westfield and future Hokie playmaker, Eddie Royal.

Stay tuned later this week for that and much more!

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