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Cameron Ford

One of the recent trends in major college football is recruiting taller wide receivers who can grab the football over smaller defensive backs. From Greg Carr to Larry Fitzgerald to Calvin Johnson, tall receivers have made a big impact in recent years. In the class of 2007 out of South Carolina, one of the top big wide receivers is Cameron Ford, a 6'3 ½, 212-pound prospect out of T.L. Hanna High School.

In recent weeks, the letters and interest for T.L. Hanna High School receiver Cameron Ford has picked up immensely. "Right now there's strong interest coming from Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Maryland, and then South Carolina has made contact in the last week," said Cameron Ford's dad, Doug.

"They're starting to show interest. He's received a number of letters. He's been invited to one of the junior days at Miami. He's getting letters from Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Kentucky, and Akron. Most of those have been letters of interest and several have invited him to the camps and asked for the information and film on him and to get a look. It seems that activity has picked up quite a bit."

While Ford has yet to receive his first official offer, the interest in him is definitely there. "He hasn't received his first scholarship offer as we speak," Doug Ford noted. "He's got people saying they're very, very interested but as far as getting scholarship offers he hasn't gotten his first official one yet.

Those schools recruiting Ford are intrigued by his hands as a receiver as well as his versatility as an athlete. This past season, Ford player cornerback, receiver, running back, quarterback, linebacker, free safety, and punter at different times during the year. "He's very versatile," Doug Ford said when asked about his son's strengths on the football field. "I think you if talk to [T.L. Hanna coach] Parker, he'll tell you that. He'll tell you he's one of the most versatile players he's seen. Cameron's got great size."

"I think he's got tremendous hands," he continued. "When the ball's around him he's going to find a way to catch it. He's got great hands. I think one of the things you see in him is he's an exciting player. He can make a big play others can feed off of. They see him giving 110 percent at practice and the games and they see the leadership qualities and feed off him and the way he plays the game and the attitude he plays the game with. He's got a sincere love of the game."

That love of the game has been the fuel behind Cameron Ford's work ethic and has also pushed him into not playing soccer at T.L. Hanna High this year, instead opting to workout and add weight for football. This summer, Ford will attend a combine and also plans to take in another camp or two, though his plans have yet to be set in stone. According to his father, Ford will also focus hard on adding strength and some more speed this summer.

"He's started to work real hard to gain additional strength. He's hitting the weights now until summer time. He's trying to develop his skills, improve his speed. I think the biggest thing is to build additional strength before the next year."

When Ford's senior season rolls around, Ford hopes to help lead T.L. Hanna back to their glory days and compete for a state title. With a strong group of seniors including Ford and one of the state's top running backs in Brian Maddox, T.L. Hanna certainly has a chance to go far in their 2006 campaign. "I think you'll see a strong team and a group of kids you'll see play as a team and do well," Doug Ford said. Recommended Stories

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