Clear: A Passion For The Game

Byron Clear

When it comes to passion for football, Byron Clear certainly isn't lacking. Talk with the 6'5, 210-pound prospect out of Jamestown High in Virginia about football and he will talk with you as long as you want to talk – and his enthusiasm about the game will become obvious.

For years and years, Byron Clear has played football but, today as much as ever, Clear has an intense for football. Clear works hard year-round in the weight room and on the field to prepare for football and, with his last high school season looming, he has plans to do big things for Jamestown High School. "We lost a lot of players," Clear said, but "our current junior class is the class that can carry us. I think the upcoming senior class can do it. I think we've got some strong leaders. We've got some young people, but they're teachable and I'll lead them and show them how hard they need to work."

Clear has already begun leading by example, working hard to show underclassmen what it takes. "We're training year round now," he noted. "We can't really practice, but basically what we're going to do is start running formations and stuff. [Coach] can't officially let me get on the field until July which is a long time off, but we do training, formations, and get the feel."

When July rolls around, the fun begins. "Then we start the hitting," he said. "That's the greatest day of the summer is when you get to hit and run in the pads. That's sometime mid-July."

With his senior campaign looming on the horizon, Clear is putting in the effort to be one of Virginia's best next season. "I'm working 100 times harder than last year because I really want to contribute to the team. To help the team, come back this season and give a little more." Last season, Clear's productivity was hurt due to an injury on the football field at Jamestown. "I had gotten injured close to the season start and my first game I had 10 tackles. My second tackle I had about 13 and got injured. I missed about four games."

"It was a freak accident," Clear noted. "Our field is horrible. A river used to run through it and I just hurt myself running. It was a small fracture so it healed back all the way. When I came back I was the same old me."

That "same old me" showed up at the All-American Combine in San Antonio and impressed onlookers. Clear came home to receive letters and interest from schools around the nation thanks to his performance.

"We went up to the combine and oh my gosh, we get letters all the time now. It's crazy. Recently we went to Duke cause they had junior day. Auburn, Princeton, Harvard, Duke, Ohio State, Georgia, all these college. I was really surprised and liked it too. Our coach said Virginia Tech was supposed to send stuff soon. We've had to get approval to send our transcripts out but we're getting that done."

While Clear is certainly thrilled about the attention he is receiving from schools across the nation, he and twin brother Brandon Clear, who is hearing from the same group of schools, continue to take the recruiting process in stride and work hard to prepare themselves for the combine and Nike combine later this year. "Basically I'm trying to gain more weight and it not be fat," he said. "Mostly muscle. And upkeeping my speed. It's a mixture you have to figure out. You don't want to gain weight and not be able to run or not gain weight and run but not be big and strong. I'm finding that mix now."

"We can lift pretty well, me and my brother, but it's getting more muscle mass in there," he continued. "We've got pretty lean bodies so going to college and whatnot, we want to be ready and have it a little easier for the coaches when we get there."

It's that passion for the game and desire to improve himself that college coaches will love when recruiting Byron Clear. That's the attitude that has earned him invites to junior days at Duke and Auburn, and that's the attitude that will earn him his ticket to play football at the next level. Recommended Stories

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