First Offer In For Nunn

Kyle Nunn

Things are starting to get hectic for Sumter, South Carolina offensive lineman Kyle Nunn. Mail and text messages are starting to come in at a faster rate, and Nunn has recently received his first offer letter.

"I usually get 9-10 letters in the mailbox at home and another 11-12 letters at school," Kyle Nunn said. "I open them and look at them all, but if it's junk mail from mailing list I put them aside. But I read all of them individually."

Along with those letters, coaches from the likes of Auburn, Clemson, and Virginia Tech keep tabs on Nunn via text messages as well. While the attention could be overwhelming, its all worth it in the end for Nunn. "N.C. State's already offered," he noted. "I've already got the paperwork for that one."

While State has already offered, a host of other schools are also talking about doing so. "I'm hoping to get one from Virginia Tech," he said. "Coach Wiles said it would happen July 8th at the senior camp. I talked to Coach Swinney earlier from Clemson – about a half an hour ago – and they were most likely going to offer at spring practice or when I got to camp." Auburn has also talked about offering at camp as well. Currently, Nunn has plans to camp at Auburn, Clemson, perhaps Penn State and, of course, Virginia Tech.

"I went up [to Virginia Tech] for spring practice a few weeks ago with me and my family," he said. "We talked to all the coaches. We talked to Coach Beamer for a little while who said he liked my film. Coach Wiles watched it with him and Coach Newsome the offensive line coach. They liked what they saw but they said they want to see me move, that's what Coach Wiles said."

Along with Tech, Clemson, and Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, Penn State, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Kansas State, Georgia Tech, Washington, Colorado and Cincinnati are among the schools writing Nunn at this point. With all the attention, Nunn knows he has to work to develop a relationship with the college of his choice.

"I think when I find the right fit I'll decide," he noted. "I'm sure it won't take long once I get the paperwork in my hand, I like what I see, and it feels like a good fit. And my mom of course, she makes sure to go on these visits. She's going to have a hard time letting me go…but as long as I'm close enough so that she can show up on the weekend, she'll be ok." Recommended Stories

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