2002 Football Preview: Defensive Ends

2002 Football Preview: Defensive Ends

VT Insider's Chris Coleman previews Virginia Tech's defensive ends for the 2002 season.

Who is going to be the next Corey Moore or Cornell Brown? This question has been asked time and time again ever since Moore played his last game at Virginia Tech. It's 2002 and the question still hasn't been answered. Let's take a closer look at the players.

Nathaniel Adibi (6-3 261) r-Jr.- Billed as "the next great Tech defensive end" when he signed with the Hokies out of high school, Adibi has shown some promise but has also been very inconsistent. As a freshman, Adibi had 5 sacks and was named to the Freshman All-American team. However as a sophomore he saw his sack total drop to 1. He did lead the team in hurries, so this shows that he was just a step away from getting a lot of sacks. He had a very good Gator Bowl, so he is heading in the right direction. Adibi has a lot of talent. He is big, fast, strong, and quick--all attributes of a great defensive end. Hokie fans hope that is what he becomes in 2002. The only person that can stop him is himself.

Cols Colas (6-0 239) r-Jr.- Colas was second on the team in sacks in 2001 with 3.5. He is lightning quick as his 4.4 40 time proves. I won't hide what I think about Colas. In my opinion he is going to be the next Corey Moore. Well, maybe not quite Corey Moore, but pretty darn close. After seeing him register 5 quarterback sacks in one spring scrimmage this year, I don't think anything can get in his way.

Bob Ruff (6-1 241) r-Fr.- Ruff is a walk-on defensive end who redshirted in 2001. If he continues to work hard, he could have a good future at Virginia Tech. A possible contributor on special teams in 2002.

Brandon Frye (6-4 246) Fr.- Part of the Tech recruiting class of 2001, Frye didn't enroll until the Spring of 2002. He'll likely redshirt in 2002. He has the frame to put on enough weight to be an NFL defensive end, but we'll have to wait and see how he progresses.

Noland Burchette (6-2 234) Fr.- Burchette, from Highland Springs High School in Virginia, was a late bloomer in high school and has a tremendous amount of upside. Most likely he will take a redshirt year in 2002 to get bigger, faster, and stronger. He is a young player to keep your eye on.

Jim Davis (6-4 265) Jr.- Davis tied for the team lead with 4.5 sacks in 2001. He has put on a lot of weight since he arrived at Tech and still has the frame to put on more. Like Adibi, Davis has a great blend of size and speed that makes him hard to handle. Many Tech fans will remember his consecutive sacks on Clemson quarterback Willie Simmons in the 2001 Gator Bowl. If he continues to improve from year to year like he has, Davis will be playing on Sundays one day.

Lamar Cobb (6-2 236) r-Sr.- Always a solid player, Cobb is entering his senior season at Tech looking to have a great year. Cobb had 2 sacks a year ago, but seems to play his best when moving laterally. An example is a great play he made last year against Boston College running back William Green on an outside running play. Cobb is a very solid player and will be counted on to provide that special senior leadership that great teams need to have.

Darryl Tapp (6-2 237) Fr.- Tapp comes to Virginia Tech as a highly touted high school defensive end. Tapp is yet another player who could be "the next Corey Moore." He's so good in fact that there is a very good chance that he will play as a true freshman this year.

Besides running back, the defensive end position might be the most talented position at Virginia Tech. However, being talented and playing like you are capable are two different things. Many Tech fans have complained that Tech's defensive ends have not lived up to their billing.

Why not? Well, some might say it is the coaching. That is ridiculous, but if Beamer's staff had 500 years of NFL experience like a certain in-state staff to the north, then maybe Adibi, Colas, Davis, and Cobb would be putting up big sack numbers. All kidding aside, the last two years the defensive ends have been a young group, but they have shown improvement. Now they are experienced college football players ready to have a breakout year.

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